Popularity and variety of Indian Spices

May 27, 2019 07:31:40 AM

Popularity and variety of Indian Spices

One of the primary aspects of Indian cuisine is the variety of Indian spices used in it. The heavy load of spices makes Indian food one of the most scrumptious and rich preparations of the world. The culinary experts use a combination of Indian spices to make dishes different and satisfying. Spices exporters India make the best Indian spices available to the culinary experts, for them to experiment and make more and more delicious Indian dishes. From the type and quality of spices to the order in which they are used during cooking, the spices can affect the way a dish comes out, tremendously. This is why spices are considered as the core of every Indian dish preparation and valued the most.

In this article, we have explored the magical ingredients which are commonly used while preparing Indian cuisine and are the reason Indian dishes are so scrumptious:


Cardamom is grown in the Malabar Coast in India and is a prime member of the ginger family. It is also a very expensive spice, the third most valuable spice in the world. The spice is valuable because it is harvested using manual techniques and thus demand a lot of efforts. There are two different types of cardamom spices made available by the spices exporters India– Green Cardamom and Black Cardamom. Green Cardamom has a mild taste whereas Black Cardamom is spicy and smoky.


Turmeric is known as the king of herbs and spices and is one of the most used Indian spices. It is also a great antibiotic and antiseptic agent. Turmeric was used by our ancestors to dye cloth and hands, later, its medicinal benefits were identified and utilized to the best extent. The spice adds a great flavor and taste to the preparation. The aroma and taste of turmeric is very earthy and strong and is used to make Indian food delicious.


Saffron is the most expensive and valued spice in the entire world. It is cultivated in Kashmir and is derived from the stigma of a flower. The spice has a great aroma as well as color which makes it very unique. It is used in making sweet and savory dishes even more delicious. Saffron can be identified by its color. The darker color it has, the better quality it has. A pinch of saffron is enough to make a complete dish flavorsome and rich-in fragrance.  The herbs and spices experts recommend soaking the saffron pieces in warm water or milk, before using it, to enhance the taste.


One of the staple spice of Indian food,Cumin is used in making almost every savory dish. Usually, cumin is added to hot oil to add the aromatic effect. But, it is also used after dry roasting and grinding it to powder. A pinch of dried and powdered cumin added to puddings, curry and buttermilk offer you a blast of taste. Because of its regular use, it is one of the bulk spices sold frequently in India.


Commonly known as Hing, this spice is known for its pungent smell and digestive properties. It is usually the first spice to be added to the hot oil before preparing any savory Indian dish. It is primarily cultivated in Kashmir and Punjab and is one of the most popular wholesale spices in India.


One of the key ingredients of Biryani, Cinnamon is the bark of a tree. It has a sweet and spicy taste that makes a perfect balance of two extreme flavors. It is used in sweet and savory dishes in equal measures and works as a great taste enhancer. The wholesale spice is also known for its health benefits including prevention against cancer and more. This spice is cultivated near the Western Ghats of Kerala and is sold in big pieces, which is further ground and used.


Consider coriander as the base of almost all Indian preparations. It is a plant that bears round and beige colored seeds, which are further ground and used for making gravy bases. It is a sweet, tangy and citrusy flavored spice which is used as the base of preparations. It is primarily cultivated in the state of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. When roasted, they fill the entire atmosphere with a great aroma.

Mustard seeds:

Another spice added to the oil directly before adding anything else is the mustard seed. Although it is used in other forms as well, its primary use is in making the gravy richer and tastier. It is also a primary ingredient used in making pickles of all kinds. Originally from Rome, the spice has made significant importance in Indian culinary science and is cherished by Indian food lover.

Red Chili:

Red chili is the most important ingredient that contributes to the spiciness of the dishes. Used in small quantities, the spice is known for being mild to extremely hot.Red Chili is also used for bringing the desired color in a gravy. It was first used by Portuguese when they came to Indian and soon after, was accepted as a core spice by Indians as well. It is also used as a whole spice to add aroma and flavor to the oil directly.


Cloves are known for their digestive and inflammatory benefits. It is used in biryanis, pulao and other similar preparations. It is also used in certain sweet dishes to bring the distinctive taste. Clove is a black colored, flower-shaped spice which has a very strong aroma.  It is also a key ingredient used in making the iconic Indian Garam Masala.

These are some of the popular bulk spices in India that are stapled to Indian cooking. You can use them in moderation to bring the desired taste in your food and enjoy the richness of Indian food. Indian spices exporter make all these spices available to the individual and commercial customers at the best rate. All you need to do is know how to use them in your preparations and make the difference.

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